‘Love’ or ‘Like’

Is there a difference between “TO LIKE a PERSON” and “TO LOVE A PERSON”. Me and my friend were having tea during the break at the tea stall outside our office & were discussing, rather debating on this. I told her there is no difference. If you care for someone and like to be around them whether s/he is your friend or a part of your family, then you like or love a person. She immediately nodded her head and with a smile on her face started explaining:

  • Wow, she looks beautiful!
  • Her hairstyle is just awesome.
  • She is dressed so nicely
  • Her blue eyes are so attractive, etc.. etc..

When you think or talk about a girl with any such above statements, means you LIKE her and not LOVE her. You are explaining the characteristics what you like about her. But do you LOVE her? Think again..!!!
Love can never be explained or measured. It can be only expressed. Love is a feeling that connects two persons emotionally, physically & mentally.

  • When you cannot live a minute w/o thinking about someone
  • When, with that person, you forget all your worries
  • When you are happy to change yourself for that special person, but (s)he does not want you to do that
  • When you wake up in the morning and want to see the first text message from that someone
  • When (s)he get hurts emotionally or physically, you are the first to get your eyes wet
  • When you come to the coffee shop 1hr before the scheduled time and find (s)he has already arrived.
  • When every song & its lyrics, you are listening to, relates to that one person

This is what you call LOVE. Understood my dear friend, she said smiling and stood up to leave while I started relating to what she just said, which was so true..!!!

Have a great Weekend ahead..!!!

Spread the Love..!!! 


Love at ‘First Meet’

Love Happens when you least expect it..!!!


He entered one of the cafes, Cafe LaTTea. It was a small L-shaped cafe. He reached out to the counter and ordered for a Mango Rose Iced Tea and some muffins. He thought it to be a weird choice, but he loved to try different things.

He moved his eyes across the cafe to see if there was any unoccupied table for him to settle down at, but were none. However he could not take his eyes off the corner table where a girl was sitting all alone. A murky beauty, with hair as black as a midnight sky, brown-eyes, pouting lips with a bright and breezy personality. A set of amazing, milky-white teeth glittered as she smiled while reading the book. He could not stop starring at her.

The waiter called a number when she moved her eyes from the book to the counter and caught him starring. He immediately moved his eyes, feeling embarrassed. She kept her book on the table and started walking towards the counter. She had a striking figure, wasp-waisted with smooth skin clearly evident from the dress she was wearing – a white Chudidaar with a multicoloured vibrant Kurta. She smiled at him, took her order and went back to the table. He had all bells ringing in his heart telling him that he had fallen in love with this ecstatic beauty.

He got his order and was looking for a table when he saw that girl waving her hand showing him to share the table. “Thanks”, he said with a smile. That was it for her. He had an athletic personality with a V-shaped resilient torso, broad shoulders and above all a smile, with a dimple on left. She was mesmerized and lost in the thoughts when he broke the silence, “Hello, I am Kabir. You are?” “Trisha”, she replied. Soon they both bid goodbye and left the cafe. A short but life changing moment had just passed.

 “Is that what people call ‘Love at First Sight’.”

“She was a divine beauty”

“His smile and that dimple was so cute”

“That quirky smile and her deep brown eyes.”

“His burly masculine body and that manly voice.”

“I am in LOVE”, she thought, getting excited and her joy clearly visible from her sparkling eyes.

“I am in LOVE”, he thought, covering his face with a pillow hiding his excitement.

Love is never planned, it just happens even when you are at the farthest corner of the world..!!!