That one moment..

I have been travelling since I started to work. My son is now 12years old. I couldn’t spent much time with due to the constraints of my work. It was mainly on weekends or holidays when I used to meet him. It happens, when you don’t spend much time with your child, the bonding gets weaker.

He plays Tennis and it’s on Saturdays’ only when I get time to see him play. Many times, I would guide him what are his strengths and weakness. Somehow I used to feel that he is just listening for the sake of it or maybe being his Dad he had to. I felt bad, more than that guilty. It was me who could not give him time and this had to happen. The bonding between us was getting weaker. I had then stopped giving my opinions.

It was during his summer vacation when I took time from my work and was there with him for an entire week. Every day we went to the practice sessions which lasted for 1 hour. I tried to talk to him more and more about his interests. He had so much to share and I was all ears to him with a smiling a face. That week Saturday was his tournament and as every day I too was there watching him play. He won and I was happy seeing him enjoying his win. While returning back home, he was started talking about the shots he hit and how he won the game.

It was all normal when suddenly he mentioned, “Dad, you remember last month when you were here and you told me how to hit that one shot? I did that at the end got my final point.”

I stopped that car and asked him with a smile, “Yes, I know. Do you still remember all that?”

“I remember all the things which you guide me through and I keep practicing that.”

At that moment, I felt that I was the most happiest Dad on the earth. All that guilt, that bonding was not that bad. If one week with him could have brought me here, I can get this much farther and strengthen our bond. That day, I made a promise to myself, wherever I might be, I will always keep guiding him, talking to him and will always be there for him when he needs me.

Happiness is, when you come to know that you are one of the important part of someones’ life..!!!

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