Tangled Life

Recently I wrote a post on Life whether it is complicated or it’s us who complicate it. Some more thoughts revolving around my experiences of Tangled Life. Last weekend we went out for a picnic, all fun and joy. The time we left the place, the sun was all set to take a nap steadily hiding behind the trees. I could not resist myself from taking a snap of such a wonderful scene. Taking a second look on the picture, I realized that our life is the same. We keep trying to find the way out of problems and it keeps getting tangled over and over again, leading to a huge mess. The more we overthink, it takes us into a deep black hole, which finally leads to impatience and frustrations.DSC_0106-Edit

If you see just a small ray of light, it gives us a hope that we can do away with the problems being happy and remaining focused. The way sun peeps out from the tangled branches of the tree making it look beautiful, similarly it’s with life. Problems will always be there, small or big. Its upto us how do we look at it, whether we see the darkness by overthinking or we see that small beam of light helping us to untangle.

Few days back I read a quote: “Life is very complicated. Don’t try to find the Answers. Because when you find the answers, Life changes the questions.” I decode this differently as let’s keep finding the answers (road to success) and let life through more and more questions (challenges) on us. The more you face it, the more you leap towards success.

Life is really simple, it’s us who unknowingly tangle it and we have all the powers to untangle as well


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