Fawaness…..Symbol of Celebration

Just Wow..!!!

Savvy Traveler

Took me a while to control my surprise and excitement when we walked in for Iftar at the Hilton Doha’s Ramadan Tent named ‘Fawaness’. Set up in the Hilton’s ballroom, ‘Fawaness Ramadan Tent’ is set to delight and dazzle the guests.

 ‘Fawaness’ is a traditional Fanous lantern(s) are the symbol of celebration, especially in Egypt during the holy month of Ramadan. The theme follows through the tent, part of it is breath-taking view of the ceiling which looks like starlit sky and another constituent is the Arabic market theme which flows around the tent. Simply awesome ambiance.

We reached around 6:45pm and the tent was already buzzing. After the warm welcome our host gave us a little tour of the tent and explained the buffet, and directed us to the table.

The buffet spread was extensive with a broad assortment of local delights and a picks of western dishes. Live…

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