Love, Friendship, etc..

Aarav and Ankita had a clash one more time. She expected him to message her when he was in town and he felt she would understand like always. Little did he knew that she felt hurt every time knowing from his social media statuses that he was in town. But this time she was really pissed off and annoyed. When he asked her to meet instantly, she denied. The unexpected happened and they both stopped talking.

Ego in the friendship is the worst enemy for the best friends as well as are the expectations.

After few weeks, one fine Sunday evening she messaged him and they got talking. At the end of conversation once again they decided to meet next weekend and sort things out between them. After 15 days of making a plan they decided to meet the next weekend and both wished to meet the same day however the day passed and they let it be.

But universe had a different plan and as its said universe always conspires to make it happen. Due to his father’s sudden illness, he had to rush to the town, the Saturday night. He messaged her that he’s coming but more than excitement she was worried and stressed. His father’s illness improved the next morning and got back to somewhat normal.

She decided to surprise him instead of killing time and sleeping in afternoon. Somehow she put her Sunday laziness away and decided to step out and meet him at the hospital.

At the hospital … 

It was a typical hospital with the guards throwing around weight but she behaved as if she didn’t notice what they asked and stepped into the lift. The room was on the 4th floor. She reached room and knocked the door.

He opened door and was happily surprised to see her. It was dark with lights off and Aarav’s father was sleeping. They hugged each other and then sat on the side lounge lazily, giggling in the dim lights of the room. It was a long time that they had met each other. All the differences had eloped instantly, looking in each other eyes.

If it wasn’t have been a hospital, probably the romantic lighting could have helped ease out the stress between them however both were conscious enough. They talked for an hour and still it seemed like she had just came in. She returned home but somewhere in her heart she felt that there was a lot he wanted to share but didn’t. Maybe due to the situation or may be he wanted to first ease out the stress. Let’s see how it unfolds and what’s there in the box for them.

To be continued..!!!

Life: A beautiful hell.. Keep Living

Life, as I titled, IS a beautiful hell. Atleast I feel so.

Last few months had been quite challenging for me. Hospital, doctors, drips at home, office work, etc. At one point in time, I felt that – This is not what I want in Life but still it hits right in the centre, giving no time to re-think about the difficulties and trouble you are going through. You get into a mode where you are doing everything required in the 24hrs of a day, but not a single minute for your self. I have been an avid reader and reading has taken a back seat. I have a reading challenge on of 40 books this year and I had completed only six. I tried taking out time to write and learn, but couldn’t get that through as well. It felt like I am being controlled, tied up with the ropes of duties and responsibilities. A daily mundane routine: Wake up – Work – Home – Sleep. There was nothing that used to come up in mind. Nothing about my passion, my dreams, my personal agenda.

This went on for around 3-4months when I saw a tweet (Oct 20, 2019) by my favorite author Ms. Madhuri Baneerjee: Happiness isn’t based on incidents, things that you get, goals you achieve. Happiness is a state of mind, a constant mood, a lifestyle. I thought for a while and re-read the tweet, it ignited a thought process within. I had accepted the ongoing difficulties and problems as my life rather than putting life above all. Later after 10days (Oct 31, 2019) I saw another tweet from her: Most of the times we go for the safe idea, the secure job, the back up plan rather than follow our dreams, take a chance or give in to anything risky. Sometimes we need to follow our heart to feel complete. The universe will assist us if we make up our mind. When I read that tweet, I let it go all. Last 2 days, I just followed my heart and focused on solutions, whatever way I could.

Just Relax



Took a time off for a weekend. Just read, write and relax. Today I promised myself that I will give time to self and for sure will make it count







You don’t know what’s going to happen 
next but still you plan for future 
(frankly speaking, whatever I have gone 
through, I don’t).



Let the life bring as many challenges as it can.

The best you can do is face it with a smile.

Rather focusing on the problems, focus on the solutions.

What has happened has happened, it’s time to correct it.

I have learned it a hard way and you can as well.

Hope this continues… Will write more and soon also keep on reading atleast 1hour in a day..!!!

Book Review: City of Nine Gates

Author: Pankaj Rajput | Rating: 4/5

First Impression: The name itself created a curiosity within me to pick the book for my next read. ‘City of Nine Gates’ – it instates so many thoughts that what could be the storyline, would it be a thriller, mythological or a suspense one. 

The blurb – this is the first book I have read with the smallest blurb and that too does not reveal what you can expect from the story. First 2 lines when you read, it seems that it something to do with SelfHelp and then the next line mentions about God and Sages. 

Summary: First time I have read such a book which creates a curiosity and keep the reader tagged to the book till the end. The story starts at a fort where archeologist are reviewing the structure. The protagonist – Gyan find something suspicious while reviewing the photos of the fort. Later he comes to know the history behind the fort and a temple buried underground the fort known as City of Nine Gates. He meets the Sages there and gets an understanding about the 5000year old fort. His curiosity leads him to the history of the city buried underneath which leads him to start his journey to reveal the history behind the fort and the city. The story moves further when he meets the sages and an unusual activity leads him to the early days of the city where the city needs to be saved to ensure it does not lose its importance. During the journey multiple things unfold around the city that leads him to the actual meaning of – ‘City of Nine Gates’. The story is more of self realisation. I would have loved to provide more details around the story but I refrain doing the same as it will reveal the actual meaning of the protagonist and his journey.

My Favorite part of the book: The language, meaning of the names used for the each person who meets the protagonist – Gyan and the revelation of the clues (in Sanskrit). I loved the way Author has been able to take the reader to the journey of a person on self realisation.

My Opinion: A good read, needs a clear understanding while you read on. You might also want to link it to your life and the way it is described, explained.

How to read More!

Nice Article for people who want to Read but could not start the habit..!!!

Bookworm In Mumbai

Some time back, my uncle commented about my astonishing ability to devour books, and wanting to imbibe the habit, asked me how to go about reading more and staying motivated.

In my previous post, I talked about why I read and what the benefits of reading are. If you are convinced of that, the next step is to figure out how do you intend to go about it.

adult blur books close up Photo by Pixabay on

A couple of questions to be asked:

Type: Do you like reading books, or magazines/journals//newspapers, etc.?

It doesn’t matter what kind of material you want to read, whatever yo like is            perfectly fine, you don’t have to read what others are reading.

Format: Do you prefer reading online/on devices or reading printed material?

Again, it doesn’t matter whether you read electronic or print versions. Everyone has their own preferences and there are…

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Something New, Something Challenging

Finally back on the blog with lots to share. Was off the blog since April (Long time) 🙂 After a long struggle, got a job in one of the best organisations to work for (Dream come true). Life has changed in a month. I am working to cope up with the expectations I need to live up to the organisational goals. Working in a team was never a problem, however when you know that the team under you is there since a year or more, you need to work out a strategy to connect with them and also learn. This becomes one of the challenges you need to overcome and also ensure the team is ready to accept you.

When you have a tenured team reporting into you, you need to align and connect with them taking into consideration that they know more than you. I would like to share what I did to get an acceptance and be part of the team.

  1. One on One meetings: This helps you to know team members better and is one of the best used ‘Ice Breaker’ strategy. Initially the team might not open up, however you need to make them feel secure and let them know that you are there for them, with them as a Shield.
  2. Working Environment: They are so tied up in the day to day activities, due to which they don’t have time to look around and understand: ‘Whats in for me’. As a leader you have to show them and let them achieve.
  3. Recognition: Third and the most important one is, RECOGNITION. When one of the team member receives appreciation or achieve the target, Appreciate him/her in public. This motivates them and as well other team members.
  4. Performance Review: This is one of the meetings which any team member is worried of. What would my supervisor tell me? Did I meet the expectations? etc. As a leader make sure you ease them during the review. Rather than telling them their weakness, tell them what and how they need to improve. Also that you are always there for any guidance/suggestions they require.

It’s been a month now and I am already loving my work and people around. Hope that I meet the organisational goals and expectations.

Do let me know your experiences as well in the comments and also what you feel of the above points. Anything you would like to add? 🙂

Book Review: A Hundred Little Flames

Author: Preeti Shenoy | Rating: 5 / 5

First Impressions: I just love reading Preeti’s books. She details out everything so nicely, it’s like you are living the book while you read. The story majorly revolves around a 26-year-old – Ayan and his ‘Muttachan’ (grandfather) – Gopal Shankar. In between the story, there are other characters as well who play an important role to take the story forward however more of it, is a relationship between the two and what Ayan learns on Love, Life & Friendship. The book is divided in four parts / 40 chapters. Preeti has brilliantly described the places. I feel she is the best when it come on writing the descriptions of cities, location, sunsets, sunrises, etc. All have been wonderful.

The front cover clearly describes what you are going to find in the book. It is one of the IMG_1752scenes described in the book when Ayan is talking to his Grandfather and searching over the internet on his Laptop. Picture of the ‘Thekke Madom’, an ancestral home, where Gopal Shankar lives with lush green trees and verandah. Choice of colors is classy not too vibrant and not too pale, I liked it.

The back cover blurbs are interesting and you can’t wait to start reading the book immediately. However it does not give away the entire story (there’s LOT more than just this) and that keeps you intrigued and wanting to complete reading the book.

Summary: The story starts with Ayan attending an office party in some pub in Pune and at the same time, Gopal Shankar has a fall, 1000kms away in Kerala. Everything is going well with Ayan when he has been told by HR that he will have to resign and leave immediately. His father is not happy with him and asks him to stay with his grandfather for some time there and also keep looking for job. Initially, Ayan is not happy to move but then looking at nothing to do in Pune, he goes to Kerala. He starts loving the life there when suddenly his father visits Kerala and does something (can’t tell, do read the book)  which takes away all the respect Ayan had for him. Gopal Shankar used to write diaries during his young/not very old age which he refers to Ayan and ask him to read. Further the story revolves around the Past and current life of Gopal Shankar and Ayan. How Ayan connects the dots & helps his Grandfather and how he learns on what is Life, Love & Friendship.

My Favorite Part of the book: I loved the snippets from the dairy of Gopal Shankar. They have been written so well. You would love reading them and the letters written by Gopal Shankar and Rohini – Just Awesome. Above everything in the book, the descriptions written by Preeti explaining about ‘Thekke Madom’, Pondicherry, River Creek, Temples. All are just ‘Wow’.

My Opinion: It’s a wonderful read with everything required in a story – Love, Life, Relationships, Family & above all Friendship. Strong storyline, characters, places exquisitely described. Atleast I could not keep it down without completing to read chapter by chapter. #MustRead.

My Recommendations: I have read all her books and each book is in itself a ‘Masterpiece’ including this one as well. Everytime I think what can be better than this book and then, releases a new book of Preeti. This is one of the best works of Preeti Shenoy. #Waiting for #LoveALittleStronger releasing on 27-Apr-2018.

Book Review: Sita – Warrior of Mithila

Author: Amish Tripathi | Rating: 4.5 out of 5

First Impressions: This is the second book of Ram Chandra Series released after a long long wait of 2 years and as the book title says – ‘Sita – Warrior of Mithila’ is majorly about Sita from her birth till marriage and in between how she becomes a fierce warrior. The story revolves around the same line as the Book1 – ‘Scion of Ikshvaku‘, however from Sita’s perspective. One of the best thing about this series, is Amish has given a diagram that depicts the complete series. He has wonderfully linked the book1 of this series – same plot, Ram’s perspective.

The front cover is completely opposite in color compared to Book1. Evening auburn sky with Sita ready to hit one of the enemy in the jungle. The background is bit shady but goes well with the picture. While you read the story, you will come across this picture, beautiful written.

The back cover blurbs are interesting, however does not give away the story and that keeps you intrigued and wanting to complete reading the book.

Summary: The first chapter reminds you of the last chapter from book1 however written from Sita’s perspective. The ruler of Mithila saves a child from wolves in jungle and adopts her. She is no ordinary child. She is ‘Sita’

Raavan – The Demon king of Lanka rules the most part of Sapt Sindhu and is aggressively making his mark in every kingdom getting more and more powerful.

The protectors of the divine land of India decide that a Savior is needed to protect the ‘Sapt Sindhu’. Two powerful tribes decide on a savior, one each from their Gurukul, however there should be only one Savior.

The story further showcases how the marriage of Ram & Sita happened and why. The story ends at the kidnapping of Sita as how it ended in Book1 as well. There are lots of stories connected to the main storyline left untold which made me more excited for the next book in the series. Few are: the relation between Vishwamitra and Raavan; the story of ‘once a friend, now a foe’ – Vishwamitra and Vashishtha. Similar to the ending of Book1, this book also leaves you with a thrilling twist wondering ‘WHAT?? WHY??’

My Favorite Part: There are two parts I liked the most. First one is the meeting/discussion between Sita & Ram at the Bees Quarter (initially when they met for the first time) and again at the Royal Garden. This part is so wonderful dealt with showcasing the strong character and storyline.

Second favorite part (including my friend who also loved this) was the discussion between Bharat and Sita on the strategy to rule – Ayodhya sharing their respective views and how it would be beneficial.

My Opinion: It’s a wonderful read with everything required in a story. Amish’s writing style is best. Strong Characters, beautifully imagined storyline, atleast I could not keep it down without completing to read chapter by chapter. #MustRead but start with Book1.

My Recommendation: I have read Amish’s ‘The Shiva Trilogy’ and ‘Ram Chandra Series Book1 and now Book2’. Each book is wonderfully written. His imagination has no bounds. I would strongly recommend reading all his books, however ‘Sita – Warrior of Mithila’ is one of his best books.

For Readers: This is my first brief book review and I would love to know whether you liked it or how it is overall. I would continue writing such reviews and would be part of my blog. Do Read, Do Share..!!! 🙂